Collection: Double Vision - Winter 2024

Amid the frosted forest floors

Moss and mushrooms and life persist

Evergreen towers dressed in snow

Stand resilient through winter's mist.

About the Collection

Double Vision, the latest winter collection from GNDR SHREDR, explores the concept of duality through bold contrasts and thoughtful neutrals. Stark neons and earthy hues represent the dichotomy of the vibrant city and enduring natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

This idea of contrasting forces coming together is a reflection of the designer's own experiences with mental health and finding hope during difficult times. Bright colors signify the light that can be found even in the darkest of winters. Neutral pieces evoke warmth, comfort and community.

Together, the two color stories capture the complexity of human emotion - joy and sorrow, freedom and struggle. The collection features a range of cozy basics like tees and crewnecks, updated with cuffs and collars that add contrasting personality. 

Tailored to those who embrace standing out and staying true to themselves, Double Vision empowers you to face the difficulties and uncertainties of winter with creativity, authenticity and the support of community. Just as contrasting forces can complement one another, we all have dualities within us waiting to be brought to light.

About the Winter Design

Double Vision, the exclusive winter design, captures treasured moments of connection through layers of texture. Based on photos of team shredr B stalling on the Laurelhurst spine and doing a 180 over it, the images are edited together to depict the two B's skating in tandem. The scene is engulfed in cracked ice. Layered on top are hand cut linoleum prints of a devil's smiling face and a crying flower. This multitextured collaged artwork peeks through the icy filter like looking back on a joyful memory while enduring the winter cold. The soft, handmade quality of the print evokes both the chill and community that the Pacific Northwest winters inspire. The exclusive winter design allows you to carry the memory of meaningful moments and people with you as you traverse the season of hibernation and growth.